FlyerCity Drone Services

Who Am I?

My name is Paul Tomblin, and I am a FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot and Instrument Rated Private Pilot. I operate in Rochester, New York. My goal is to provide drone video and photography to individuals and small businesses in the local area.

I gained expertise in shooting video and still photography from the air with a DJI Mini 3 Pro, a small but very powerful drone that produces sharp 4K video and stills. I took several courses in cinematography and video editing, and now that I'm ready to put that expertise into practice, I bought a DJI Air 3, a bigger and more capable drone with better cameras and more features.

As a single operator, I can do jobs at a far lower cost than larger firms. A simple job can be as inexpensive as $100. Cost depends on factors like travel time, getting FAA approval for flights close to the airport, and the amount of tree cover over the job site. You will receive the resulting videos and photos via a download link, but I can provide a thumb drive for a $10 charge. Normally I'll edit the video and images I take, but on request I can give you all the raw content as well. You will have full rights to the video or stills for whatever purposes you want, including posting to social media or using in advertising campaigns. I may ask to retain secondary rights to use it in demo reels or example pictures for my own advertising, but I will blur out any identifying information like house numbers or names on mail boxes.

What Do I Do

A drone can do so many jobs that it's hard to specialize. I can do many drone tasks.

Real Estate:

Photos and videos from above can make a stunning addition to your listing. I can produce a short color graded and edited video and photos that will show off the outside of the building and the grounds. Click For More Examples

Roof Recon:

I can video your entire roof, including the chimneys, ridges and valleys, stacks, skylights, and gutters, concentrating on your particular areas of concern. The videos can be sent to your roofer or contractor. Click For More Examples

Promotional Video:

Promote your small business in a unique way

Pre and Post Construction Videos:

If you're having work done (shingling, painting, sealing) high up on your house, I can make videos before and after so you can verify that the work was done satisfactorily.

Pre Construction Video:

If you're a contractor, video from above can help you make estimates.

Weddings, other group activities:

Group videos and photos from a unique perspective


Anything that needs the unique perspective of an aerial shot. Try me.
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