What Happens After You Submit A Request - All The Geeky Details

After You Schedule

When I get your email, I'll check the location using the Google Maps link you sent me. I'll look for the following things:

Armed with that information, I'll email or text you to confirm the schedule date. A day or two prior to the scheduled date, I'll put flyers or hang tags on neighbors doors warning them what to expect and reassuring them I won't be intentionally videoing them.

On The Day

Drone pilots are prohibited by the FAA from flying over groups of people. Anybody not assisting in the shoot must either stay inside or stand well back. I won't be looking, and it's doubtful I'll be able to see in, but for your peace of mind you might want to draw the drapes on rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

After I'm finished shooting, I'll show you my recordings on my iPad. Payment will be due at that time - cash, Venmo or Paypal preferred. If you have your own thumb drive, I'll give you the raw files right away.

After The Shoot

I will take the raw files home and edit them (mostly to remove redundant footage, zoom into areas of concern, or blur the faces of non-participants, and color correct and grade) and either send you a link to download all the files, or I'll put them on a thumb drive and mail it to you or drop it off.

I will retain the video from the flight for my own records for a month or two just in case there is some reason you're unsatisfied or there are complaints from some third party about my drone. I will also retain a screen recording from my controller so I can show to any third parties exactly where I flew and where my camera was pointing.